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{Past Event} - Green Design & Construction Series: Acoustics in Healthcare

May 31, 2012 - 2:00 pm - May 31, 2012 - 3:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


Acoustics are an integral part of the overall goal of providing an optimum environment of care for healthcare professionals and patients. Indoor noise and acoustics affect patient comfort and healing, safety for communication in surgery and procedure rooms, speech privacy between patient and provider, and overall occupant satisfaction. Noise from adjacent rooms or building systems affects buildings’ occupants, including footfall noise, ventilation system noise, and the noise produced by equipment for other building systems. Additionally, environmental noise emissions from emergency generators, air handling units and outdoor mechanical systems which support healthcare facilities can affect the communities they serve.

This session has been approved by AIA for 1.0 CEU Credit.

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  • Understand the impact of acoustics in a healing environment
  • Identify the importance of room finishes, barrier systems, background noise levels and how they all pertain to patient privacy
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of site exterior noise on Healthcare Facility occupants and surrounding communities
  • Recognize remediation techniques on existing facilities pertaining to controlling noise from HVAC, MEP and exterior sources


Kent Peterson, Acoustics Project Manager, HDR Inc.
Kent Peterson is an acoustical engineer at HDR Engineering, Inc., specializing in indoor and outdoor acoustics, noise measurement, and system installation and commissioning. He has extensive experience in the audio and acoustics industry ranging from recording studio management and engineering to industrial intercom systems design and high performance audio system design specification and installation. Kent is an expert in Enhanced Acoustics Simulator for Engineers (EASE) modeling and has specialized education in indoor and outdoor acoustics, noise measurement, and system installation and commissioning. He is also knowledgeable in MPCA noise measurement procedures and abatement techniques and is MnDOT pre-qualified in noise modeling and abatement.

Gina Jarta, Acoustical Engineer, HDR Inc.
Gina Jarta is an acoustical engineer at HDR Engineering, Inc., specializing in noise measurement, acoustical testing, and acoustical data analysis for clients throughout the United States. Gina specializes in room acoustics, HVAC and mechanical systems noise control, acoustical isolation, and auralization techniques. Utilizing state-of-the art modeling techniques, the HDR team evaluates speech intelligibility metrics inside communication sensitive healthcare spaces, such as operating rooms, to ensure clear communication between speakers while maintaining patient privacy. Gina’s additional work in the field of healthcare acoustics includes pre-construction noise measurement, acoustical design for new construction, and assessment of facility noise impact on the surrounding community.

Elliott Dick, Acoustics and Noise Technician, HDR Inc.
Elliott Dick is an acoustical engineer at HDR Engineering, Inc., specializing in environmental noise and architectural acoustics. Elliott has consulted on a diversity of building types including hospitals, courthouses, jails, churches, offices, manufacturing, and schools. His expertise lies in acoustic test and measurement and acoustic modeling. Elliott is experienced at planning and performing standardized and analytical acoustic measurement, including environmental noise monitoring, sound emission measurement, and acoustic properties of architectural materials. His research experience includes sound quality of consumer products, office privacy and comfort, and road traffic noise.

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