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{Past Event} - Green Building Series: 'How To' Achieve Environmental Quality Credits

December 7, 2007 - 2:00 pm - December 7, 2007 - 2:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


A panel discussion of professionals who will recount how they achieved specific Environmental Quality strategies on a project, from schematic design through construction. Places of Respite: Design places of respite to accommodate reduced patient walking travel distances; Encourage patients to use places of respite as part of therapy by planning “rest stops” throughout medical center public circulation systems and on patient floors. Lighting for Circadian Rhythm: Understand why light isn’t just for vision anymore; Learn how to use light to help nightshift workers stay more alert on the job. Daylighting: Learn how to configure and plan Inpatient Units for daylight. Identify common barriers to configuring and planning D&T Blocks for daylight and best practice solutions. Low Impact Construction Practices: Establish essential worker training protocols for maximum diversion; Identify cost management strategies for waste diversion.


Herman Miller for Healthcare For more than 35 years, Herman Miller for Healthcare has provided innovative, flexible, sustainable solutions for every area of a healthcare facility. Herman Miller for Healthcare creates great places to work and heal.


Mariana Gross Figueiro, Ph.D., Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Figueiro is an assistant professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a program director at Rensselaer’s Lighting Research Center. She holds a BS in architectural engineer, a Master of Science in Lighting and Ph.D. in Multidisciplinary Science from Rensselaer. Her research areas include energy-efficient lighting, human factors in lighting, and working to better understand and quantify light as a stimulus for the circadian system. She teaches a Light and Health course and a Human Factors in Lighting course in the MS in Lighting Program at the LRC and has given more than 50 presentations and invited lectures in the topic. She has written numerous scientific articles for archival journals and trade publications and worked as an assistant editor on the 9th edition of the IESNA Lighting Handbook. She chairs the IESNA Light and Human Health Committee.

Dennis Kaiser, AIA, Perkins + Will
Dennis has 30 years of healthcare architecture experience. His strength is in the design and coordination of large complex project issues including technology, operations and the patients’ environment as it supports healing. His background in bringing focus to multi-dimensional design requirements toward innovation and excellence in strategy and detail are qualities his clients have come to expect. Dennis is a frequent author and lecturer on the principles of solid healthcare design.

James Moler, P.E., Turner Healthcare
Mr. Moler is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University professional degree program in Architectural Engineering with a specialty in building systems. His 30+ year career began developing innovative methods for delivering mechanical construction with appropriate labor resources for a national mechanical contractor’s significant projects. After receiving his professional engineering license he served in responsible charge of multi-disciplinary design and pre-construction services with sector leaders for more than 150 healthcare, hospitality and research facilities. Mr. Moler is a LEED® Accredited Professional, a member of the Green Guide for Health Care™ Steering Committee and teaches preconstruction and infection control in the Turner Healthcare Academy.

Ray Pradinuk, MscArch, MAIBC, Stantec Architecture
Ray Pradinuk is Leader, Healthcare Research and Innovation for Stantec Architecture and works in the healthcare studio of the Vancouver office. The focus of Ray’s work has been on the social, economic and ecological sustainability of the built environment in general and, over the last 15 years, of healthcare facilities in particular. Patient safety, the staff work environment, configuring for daylight and natural ventilation, flexibilility and operational efficiency are primary sustainable healthcare design interests. Ray is a member of the steering committee of the Green Guide for Health Care.

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