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A Five-Part Series in Food Waste Assessment and Planning, Prevention, Donation and Management — Practice Greenhealth NEW Less Food Waste Goal and Toolkit

"Let's feed people, not landfills. By reducing wasted food in landfills, we cut harmful methane emissions that fuel climate change, conserve our natural resources, and protect our planet for future generations,"

—EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Fresh for May 2016, Practice Greenhealth is rolling out its NEW Less Food Waste goal and toolkit with case studies, “Get Started Guide," educational posters and the four-part sharing call series so the sector can come together around this win win opportunity to feed people (and animals, and the soil) Not Landfills.

Session Description

This one hour webinar will be dedicated to sharing the high-level findings of the ReFED Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20 percent which was launched in March to develop a plan for action for all stakeholders committed to reducing waste along the food value chain.

Learning Objectives

  • ReFED: Become familiar with the objectives and multistakeholder collaboration that drove the development of the ReFED Roadmap
  • Baseline: Understand how much, where and why food is wasted in the U.S.
  • Solutions: Learn about the 27 solutions analyzed in the ReFED Roadmap, including the ReFED Cost Curve to best understand which solutions are most cost-effective and yield the highest diversion potential.
  • Tools for change: Learn more about the four cross-cutting actions needed to reduce waste by 20 pecent (policy, financing, innovation and education), putting us on a path to reach the USDA/EPA goal of 50 percent.


Eva Fowler, Associate Director, Programs & Communications, ReFED

Eva Fowler is Associate Director, Programs and Communications of the New Venture Fund, working exclusively with ReFED to develop and support its communication strategy and stakeholder engagement activities. Before joining ReFED, Eva was part of the World Economic Forum's New Vision for Agriculture initiative where she launched and co-managed a 120-person global network of food experts from UN agencies, governments, business, farmer organizations, NGOs and academic institutions from over 30 countries to share best practices in agriculture. Eva is an expert in developing multi-stakeholder communities around agriculture and food issues.

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