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{Past Event} - Energy Series: Targeting 100! A National Model for Achieving Deep Energy Savings in Hospitals

September 24, 2013 - 2:00 pm - September 24, 2013 - 3:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


This team has collaborated over the last two+ years to develop Targeting 100!, a roadmap that lays the groundwork for achieving exceptionally energy efficient hospitals in the most diverse climate regions and most populous centers of the U.S. named "Targeting 100!" for its goal of reducing energy by 60% from typical operational examples to less than 100 KBtu/SF Yr, this research opens a path to achieve these aggressive goals in practice. Through detailed energy and cost models, Targeting 100! shows that it is possible to meet the 2030 Challenge across the U.S. with very little incremental cost increase.  Inspired by low energy examples world-wide and input from industry experts, overarching strategies for achieving this goal include high interior environmental quality, goal setting, energy benchmarking & tracking, and integrated teams & strategies. The team will present and discuss approaches, results, suggested strategies through a digital tool developed for implementing Targeting 100!


  • Identify hospitals’ contributions to energy consumption and major opportunities for increased energy efficiency.  
  • Identify integrated project team and specific systems strategies required to reduce hospitals’ overall energy load to meet significant energy efficiency goals, such as the 2030 Challenge.
  • Identify precedents that have implemented strategies to reduce energy use and increase overall indoor environmental quality for staff and patients.
  • Identify key strategies that contribute to energy performance goals in six US cities and provide opportunity for feedback from experts onthose strategies.


Heather Burpee, University of Washington / Architecture
Through her work at the University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab, Ms. Burpee has established thorough research on energy efficiency of hospitals working with leading architects, mechanical engineers, and owners to establish goals to radically reduce energy consumption in this building typology, while maintaining high quality healing and work environments. Energy goals strive to reach the 2030 Challenge through team interaction, systems design, research and long-term data collection. Emphasis on high quality work and healing environments includes attention to day lighting, lighting, view, and ventilation. This work bridges practice, research, and education with collaboration between practitioners, faculty, and students. In the past five years she has contributed to numerous projects for national and international firms. She currently leads a Dept. of Energy funded research project, Targeting 100!, studying the implications of climate on energy efficiency and first cost of construction for hospitals.

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