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Energy is too great a cost for healthcare facilities to leave to chance. Facilities in deregulated markets can take control of this major budgetary spend by ‘shopping’ their load to multiple suppliers to secure the lowest available price. A further benefit is the ability to green your energy portfolio by incorporating renewable energy into the mix with minimal budgetary impact. This presentation will take us through each phase of the energy procurement process in deregulated states – highlighting the benefits of an online, transparent, competitive process. We will also review current market conditions throughout the country and identify where opportunities exist to secure advantageous pricing. Join Practice Greenhealth for a presentation introducing our partnership with World Energy – an operator of online exchanges for electricity, natural gas, and green commodities in deregulated states across the country.

This webinar is applicable to facilities in deregulated States and will include a Q & A period following the webinar. These state include: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois Texas and California.


  • Why Practice Greenhealth partnered with World Energy
  • Overview of Deregulation
  • Explanation of the bidding process
  • The benefits of using an online, transparent process for your energy and green commodities procurement
  • Current market conditions and opportunities by state, including newly competitive markets


Dan Joyce, World Energy
Telephone: 508-459-8157
Dan Joyce is a Director of Retail Energy Markets at World Energy. Bringing years of experience in the retail energy market space, Dan plays a strategic role in identifying and servicing the energy needs of customers throughout the country. He prides himself on the insights he can share with his customers and the benefits he helps deliver them.

Webinar speakers have no financial or other interest in the sponsoring company and the sponsor has had no input into the content of the presentation.

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