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{Past Event} - Design & Construction Series: Daylighting the Contemporary Hospital

November 13, 2009 - 2:30 pm - November 13, 2009 - 2:30 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


As virtually every new European hospital suggests, it must be possible to accommodate the same care delivery practices and technologies used in North American hospitals within intrinsically habitable daylit buildings, safely and efficiently. Otherwise, their high-performing health systems wouldn’t have sponsored the buildings and the trend-line wouldn’t be toward configurations with yet more daylight. Are we out of excuses for depriving caregivers of the daylight in North American hospitals they so desperately seek?

Provide an overview of some of the best recent daylit hospitals in Europe, along with projects in the works. Discuss the process that led to the design of the fully daylit Nanaimo General Regional Hospital Emergency Department addition, a Case Study in clinician/design team collaboration. Examine how the basic building blocks that compose the acute care hospital could be assembled to provide daylight, natural ventilation and ease of way finding while supporting care team communication. Place responsibility for increasing daylight in North American Hospitals squarely on the shoulders of the architect-led integrated design team.

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  • Explore configuration strategies used by European architects to accommodate modern care delivery practices within daylit buildings
  • Understand the benefit of having clinicians on side and the arguments for daylighting that clinicians and architects can use
  • Examine one approach to assembling the basic building blocks of a well-functioning, daylit acute care hospital
  • Consider the role of the design team in delivering more daylight to the healthcare environment


Ray Pradinuk MAIBC, LEED® AP, Stantec Architecture
Ray Pradinuk has been responsible for the design of a variety of projects, several of which have won design awards, including the 2001 Award of Excellence for Built Projects from Modern Healthcare; and the AIA for Surrey Memorial Children’s Health Centre. As a creative thinker, Ray utilizes evidence-based design research and innovation in striving for the best architectural solution. While working with clients and design teams on complex building types, his focus has been on the functional and social implications of spatial arrangement and its impact on staff communications,operational efficiencies and cost savings. Ray is the Leader, Healthcare Research and Innovation for Stantec Architecture, and is a frequent presenter at healthcare design conferences across North America. He is a member of the Green Guide for Healthcare Steering Committee.

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