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Less Waste

As they care for patients, the health care sector creates the staggering amount of 25.1 pounds of waste per staffed bed in just one day. This includes biohazardous, solid, recyclable and hazardous waste. Amid rising concern about increasing waste removal fees, the mercury released from medical waste incinerators and pharmaceutical waste in drinking water, health systems are recognizing waste disposal can have a health impact on local communities. To limit this, Practice Greenhealth is working with hospitals to reduce the amount of waste generated and increase recycling. 

If you haven’t already, start by taking the Healthier Hospitals’ Less Waste Challenge and commit to conducting baseline data collection and ongoing tracking of materials and wastes and choose one, two or three Healthier Hospitals goals:

  • Regulated medical waste reduction
  • Recycling
  • Construction and demolition debris recycling
  • New for 2016 will be a new formalized Practice Greenhealth goal to take on food waste reduction

NEW in May 2016 - Less Food Waste Goal and Toolkit


Explore the Less Waste section for waste prevention and management resources.

The Less Waste member-only toolkit provides case studies, PowerPoints with script, posters, a link to EPP resources and other materials to help implement and educate Less Waste strategies at your organization. Practice Greenhealth has a robust set of tools and resources for assisting health care facilities in tracking, managing and minimizing their waste streams. Learn more at:

Learn more about the different kinds of waste health care produces and how your organization can begin reducing the waste it generates.


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