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Engaging Leadership on EPP - Call to Action

Greening the Supply Chain: Take a Leadership Role 

There is a tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on environmental health and community wellness through the work of our supply chains. The U.S. health care industry spends more than $200 billion annually on medical and non-medical products, with more than 70 percent of that spend occurring through the use of a group purchasing organization (GPO). 

Engaging in environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) to purchase products and services with reduced environmental and health impacts compared to competing products and services provides the opportunity for health care organizations to use medical products that reduce waste, energy and water, and are designed with safer chemicals to reduce the potential for harm, especially in sensitive populations.

To demonstrate an organization’s commitment to EPP, ask for leadership support both within and outside of a health care organization. Get buy-in from supply chain executives, GPO leadership, and suppliers to ensure the success in purchasing environmentally preferable products. Use the sample letters below as a guide and the link to the EPP pledge to demonstrate your support:

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