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[Name of Organization} Takes on a One-day PAPER FAST to reduce its environmental footprint.

{Name of organization}, like medical facilities across the country, relies on paper to record and store medical records, provide patients with information, and to run the facility on a day-to-day basis. Industry estimates suggest that Americans throw away approximately 4.5 million tons of office paper a year.  So {Name of organization} decided to see what we can do to ease the burden.

Take on the challenge of a one-day, eight-hour paper fast.  The goal is to stop printing emails, memos, documents, and non-essential information.

Using industry estimates, Practice Greenhealth has calculated both the environmental and financial costs of paper use for a ream of paper.  Look at the facts:

  • One person uses 48 sheets of paper a day and six of those sheets are wasted
  • The paper and the cost of ink for color printing is approximately $0.48 a piece or $23.04
  • 20.25 gallons of water are used to make the paper
  • One ream of paper equals 6 percent of a tree
  • Approximately $6.00 is spent on gas every time an office supply delivery is made
  • One ream of paper (without post-consumer fibers) releases 35.5 pounds of CO2

*Electricity use was not calculated as the kilowatt-hour use of one copier or one printer is negligible. But electricity costs spread over an entire facility do matter.

This shows the impact of just one person. Can you keep from printing emails, copying documents, and reaching for a fresh ream of paper for eight hours?  

We challenge you to try it too! Interested in learning more? Visit these online sources:

Practice Greenhealth

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Carbon Footprint Calculator

Conservatree – facts about paper consumption and use

Try out the paper calculator for your entire facility from Environmental Paper


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