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Walk this Way!

[NAME OF HOSPITAL]  is asking you to make walking a part of your working environment for your health – and to reduce energy use.

Studies show that prolonged periods of sitting leads to increases in Type II diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other health issues. Make little changes to improve your health. This month, we want to show how walking and taking the stairs, even in small amounts can improve your health with a two-part walking challenge.

Part 1:  Walk a little every hour. Two minutes of walking each hour in an average workday burns approximately 50 calories. Here are some online walking calculators to help you measure how walking can improve your health.

Part 2: Organize a climbing party and compete against other teams for health and glory. Stair climbing is a great form of exercise building leg muscles, raising your heart rate, and increasing the use of energy – and if you are in a busy office it may be quicker than waiting for the elevator too. Print and place a tracker by each staircase and every time someone takes the stairs he or she can put down his or her initials or team. The winner has the most, but stronger legs and healthier hearts are the real prize.

Here are some other ways to step up your activity:

  • Take public transportation to work. Most people can’t walk to work but public transportation always requires some extra activity and it’s good for the environment.
  • Take short walk breaks instead of coffee breaks and lunch break – even better, walk with a friend.
  • Instead of sending an email to your colleague across the office, walk over to share your news.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you destination is at a top floor get off the elevator a few floors earlier and walk.
  • Use a bathroom in a different part of the building that isn’t close to you.
  • Park your car farther away from the door.
  • Volunteer to pick up lunch or run office errands.

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