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Declare Your Independence from Processed Food

We challenge you to replace processed and highly packaged food items with fresh selections for better nutrition and less packaging waste.

Processed and fast foods are convenient but contain a lot of salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals—plus they create trash. The average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day and 40 percent of this trash is packaging. This means the United States, including health care facilities, dumps 1.4 billion pounds of waste into landfills every 24 hours.

Get Fresh!

Take advantage of fresh seasonal produce.

  • Visit farmer’s markets—find one at
  • Find easy recipes using fresh vegetables.
  • Keep a log of how much food packaging waste you generate in one day. Then, see how to reduce overall food packaging waste and encourage recycling.
  • Host a bring your lunch to work day.

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Earth Day

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