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Laundry Day is Every Day

Hospital laundry, (gowns, sheets, towels, and other linens) account for a great amount of energy use in medical facilities. Industry estimates say that a 300-bed facility will use approximately 22 lbs. of textiles per patient per day. That’s a lot of fabric, detergent, water, and energy used for cleaning. However, there are steps we can take to clean up our laundry usage, save money, and the environment.

Laundry Day Tips

Take a look at our laundry management and use policies.

  • A system where suspect items can be evaluated in a central location may save time, energy costs, and money.
  • Do you keep extra linens (blankets, gowns, etc.) in patient rooms? This can cause these “clean” pieces to become contaminated and in need of rewashing.
  • Are linens cleaned using eco-friendly detergents? Modern detergents are effective at removing stains at lower temperatures, 120°F degrees vs. 160°F degrees.
  • Replacing worn linens with energy efficient textiles (EET), which are soft, have wicking properties, are more durable than cotton, and reduce drying time saving energy.
  • Is it necessary to change linens every day for every patient? There may be certain patients who do not need linens changed every day.

Facility-wide education about laundry use and small sustainable changes can add up to big savings. Help us as we take cleaning a step further and cut down on laundry water usage.  

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