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Better Sugar Balance

Many people start their mornings with a caffeinated, sweetened soda or specialty coffee drink, reach for a sweetened juice drink or tea at lunch, and pop open an energy drink for an afternoon boost.

In 2012, researchers from Harvard University and the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute found a link between the consumption of sugar-sweetened and low-calorie sodas and a higher risk of stroke. The sugar load appears to increase blood glucose levels leading to insulin resistance, and inflammation – all stroke risk factors. And the risk is higher for women than for men.

Put some balance into your diet and pledge to reduce or give up sugar-sweetened beverages at home and in the cafeteria. Encourage staff to choose water and unsweetened beverages to enjoy throughout the day.

By breaking the sugary drink habit for a few days, you can indulge a bit on Halloween, reduce the amount of packaging waste you produce, and if you give up the drinks for good, you might reduce your stroke risk and reduce your waistline as well. 

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