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Earth Day Tweets

Below are example tweets for you to share on Twitter to celebrate Earth Day. Please join the conversation to help us spread the word about the importance of Earth Day.

This #EarthDay and every day, hospitals and #healthcare systems continue to step up their climate leadership in big ways.

#EarthDay matters for #healthcare because... (Image:

This #EarthDay and every day, #hospitals demonstrate how protecting your planet can also protect your bottom line: (Image:

Did you know #hospitalfood leaders can be #climate leaders? #EarthDay and every day.

U.S. hospitals have been creating a more #sustainable food system because every day is #EarthDay when it comes to your #health. (Image:

Every year, #hospitals help blaze the trail to clean energy because every day is #EarthDay.

How do you honor #EarthDay? For many #hospitals, growing healthy food is one of the best ways to honor your health and the health of our planet.

For #clinicians and health professionals, #EarthDay is a reminder of the dedication to “First Do no Harm.” See that dedication in action here:


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