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Strategic Deployment for Sustainability Programming

It all starts with leadership

As a leader in health care environmental stewardship, Practice Greenhealth has measured the positive impacts associated with healthier environments—cost savings, conservation of natural resources, improved safety and health, validated community benefit and staff engagement. A leading indicator of the magnitude of those financial and environmental impacts is the level of leadership engagement at our member facilities. 

A management structure that aligns the organization’s daily operations with its strategic objectives will be able to set precise goals, take deliberate actions, meet timelines and measure success. 

Practice Greenhealth is poised to help

When key goals are set and tied to existing operations and improvement initiatives, leaders can better rally employees and execute sustainability programming, and demonstrate the resulting success. That’s why Practice Greenhealth launched Engaged Leadership: Strategic Deployment for Sustainability Programming

This program, a focused and creative day-long event, leads key facility or system stakeholders through a process weaving together disparate programmatic areas with overarching goals. With formalized vision, mission, goals and elevator speech, leadership sets the tone and framework for optimal environmental impact and measurable outcomes. The visioning and goal setting process is led by Practice Greenhealth facilitators sharing median and 90 percent targets for each of the identified sustainability programmatic focus areas based on real-time sector-only performance metrics. Through the use of a standardized set of templates, stakeholders are guided to identify opportunities with the biggest impact and lowest risk for both cost-saving and environmental improvement strategies.

Two Practice Greenhealth team members will lead and facilitate the day-long event—bringing ideas into action.

Deliverables include

  • Vision language for environmental stewardship
  • Formal goal setting
  • Elevator speech for overall programming and focus areas
  • PowerPoint with data and language
  • Interface with facility deployment team for coordinated implementation planning
  • Continued support through Practice Greenhealth membership liaison


Available upon request

To learn more, contact 

Janet Howard
Director, Member Engagement
Phone: 866.598.2110

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