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Using the Practice Greenhealth Logo

Other Logos

If your organization won an award from Practice Greenhealth, click here for information on using the Award Logos.

Practice Greenhealth MemberMember Logo Use Guidelines and Restrictions

All Members of Practice Greenhealth have permission to use the Practice Greenhealth Member Logo in a variety of ways to indicate their membership in Practice Greenhealth. You must read the Guidelines below and indicate your acceptance of them before you can download any of the graphic files.

Environmental Excellence Award Winners may use the Award Logo for the specific year(s) they won an award, following the same guidelines below.


Place the logo on your website to indicate that you are a Practice Greenhealth Member. You may create a click-through Practice Greenhealth logo that brings visitors to any page on the Practice Greenhealth website or to a page on your website that provides information about your environmental programs.

Promotional Literature & External Communications

Place the logo on your marketing pamphlets, product information sheets, business cards, or other marketing materials to indicate that your company is a Practice Greenhealth Member. The logo may be put on external communications, including newsletters, press releases, annual reports, and Web sites. The logo should be separated from the text and photographs of the products or services being promoted. The logo may not be placed in the body of the text or immediately next to or below a photograph or other depiction of the product or service being promoted. The placement of the logo cannot imply that Practice Greenhealth has endorsed or certified any particular facility, product, service, or company. Make sure the placement of an Award Logo does not imply that the award was for a specific product or service. 

Internal Communications

Communicate your membership to your employees by using the logo on internal communications designed to inform employees about your environmental commitment and Practice Greenhealth Membership, such as posters, newsletters, or emails.

Trade Booth

More and more health care facilities are looking for business partners who can contribute to their environmental goals. To advertise your environmental commitment, add the Practice Greenhealth Logo to your trade booth.

Promotional Items

Members may request permission from Practice Greenhealth to place the Practice Greenhealth Member Logo on give-away items for their staff or their customers. Items must not be single-use and must demonstrate Practice Greenhealth’s mission to reduce waste and reduce the toxicity of waste. Items may only be given away, not sold, and may only be given away during your membership period. For example, one member distributed reusable mugs with the Practice Greenhealth logo to its employees as part of their program to reduce the use of bottled water and disposable coffee cups in their offices.

Technical Requirements

The Pratice Greenhealth Member Logos must be used in their entirety, without alterations or modifications, unless specifically allowed in writing by Practice Greenhealth. The logo may be increased or decreased in size as long as the proportions remain the same. The logo may be used in black and white or in white reverse on a dark background. If used in color, the logo must be the same PMS color number.

Prohibited Uses of the Practice Greenhealth Logos by Members

  • No Practice Greenhealth Logo may be used in any way that could be perceived as a Practice Greenhealth endorsement of any product, service, or organization.
  • No Practice Greenhealth Logo may be used to imply that an organization has a preferred relationship with Practice Greenhealth.
  • No Practice Greenhealth Logo may be applied directly in any form to a product or on any materials used in the primary packaging of any products.
  • No Practice Greenhealth logo may be used on a document or in a communication in a way to imply that Practice Greenhealth wrote the document or is in any way responsible for its content.
  •  Members may not use the general Practice Greenhealth logo (without the “Join” or “Member” words) without specific permission from Practice Greenhealth.
  • Only Environmental Excellence Award Winners may use the Award Logos, and only for the specific year(s) and award(s) they won.

Other uses not listed in this section may be prohibited. All decisions about appropriate usage will be made by the Practice Greenhealth Logo Usage Review Committee and are final.

Consequences of Prohibited Usage

Any prohibited use may result in an immediate revocation of that organization’s eligibility to use the logo.

<YES, I agree to the logo usage guidelines and restrictions and would like to download Practice Greenhealth Member Logo graphic files.>

Greening the OR and Award Logos

Sponsors of the Greening the Operating Room initiative may use the Greening the OR logo within the restrictions and requirements above. For logo files for those programs, contact Kaeleigh Sheehan at or 888-450-7707.

Environmental Excellence Award Winners may use the appropriate Environmental Excellence Award logo for their specific award(s) and year(s), available here.

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