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Best Nature Experiences
Submitted by creativehstudios on February 25, 2019 - 10:16 am


I have just started exploring a possible itinerary for Costa Rica some time towards the end of this year. Me and my wife are extremely experienced travelers. We love long trekks but also enjoy a comfy place to com back to in the evening. I'm sure there are many posts on the topic previously but I have not found any good one, or they are old and therefore not reliable.

I need some good tips on really interesting places. I know we will make stops at Monteverde and Arenal. Corcovado is also a must. Any recommendation and tips in those areas are more than welcome. I hear good things about Manuel Antonio but at the same time I get the feeling that it is "Corcovado light" and much more exploited and that it would not be as popular if people hade the adventurous energy to go further south to Corcovado. Am I right? Tortuguero is tempting but also there I get some warning lights and I see for my inner eye how hords of people are stomping across the beaches in search of turtles. But I might be wrong. Any other recommendations? Anything is welcome, big or small!

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