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Standardized environmental questions for OR surgical drapes

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The standardized environmental questions for medical products are a set of supplier questions that can be used in the procurement process for OR surgical drapes to identify environmentally preferable products.  People can be exposed through the use of products containing these chemicals in the OR. In 2002, the FDA issued a Public Health Notification for PVC devices containing DEHP. DEHP is also…

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Environmental Considerations for Cabinetry

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Practice Greenhealth presents a guide to questions and issues to consider when assessing or purchasing cabinetry.

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NorthShore University HealthSystem 2016

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Open this resource to view a presentation on the integration of medical toxicology into personalized medicine. The information includes risks of exposure to toxins, symptoms of exposure, and case studies. The presentation emphasizes the importance of knowing the personal and occupational environment of a patient and how any risk assessment should integrate environmental metrics.

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