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Community Health Center Member Toolkit

Demonstrating the growing commitment among the health community to reduce its environmental impact, membership in Practice Greenhealth has continued to expand, now available to Community Health Centers. Although there are several fundamental differences between these outpatient care facilities and acute care environments, the challenges and issues of sustainability in patient care environments is much the same. 

Community Health Center membership is open to organizations including:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Dental and Physician Offices
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Outpatient and Urgent Care Centers
  • Radiology Labs and Physical Therapy Centers
  • Veterinary Hospitals and others.

This toolkit is designed to help Practice Greenhealth Community Health Center members lower costs, reduce waste, increase worker and patient safety, and reach their sustainability goals by providing you with resources and samples for further developing programs.  Designed for use in outpatient care settings, this toolkit aims to address both the unique opportunities for environmental savings in CHCs, while also recognizing that healthcare facilities face similar issues. 

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Making the Business Case for Sustainability at Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center 

Assessment Tools

  • Energy Impact Calculator  

Step-By-Step Guides

  • Ten-Step Guide to Regulated Medical Waste Minimization and Segregation within a Community Health Center 
  • Ten-Step Guide to Medical Plastics Recycling in a Community Health Center
  • Ten-Step Guide to EPP in a Community Health Center
  • Opportunities for Energy Savings in Community Health Centers 
  • Best Practices in Energy Efficiency
  • Best Practices in Water Efficiency
  • Fluid Management Implementation Module
  • Reusable Textiles in the OR
  • Reusable Rigid Sterilization Containers in the OR
  • Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices
  • OR Kit Reformulation   

Sustainability Case Studies  

Sample Posters

  • Beth Israel’s Portrait Of Poster Campaign
  • Continuum Environmental Quality Award Winner Poster
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Regulated Medical Waste Poster
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Where Does it Go? Poster
  • Gundersen Lutheran’s Chemo Waste Separation Poster
  • St. Joseph Medical Center’s January to April 2007 Savings Poster
  • Providence Health & Services Blue Bag Recycling Poster
  • Continuum Health Partners Electronics Recycling Poster
  • Continuum Health Partners Recycling Rewards Poster  

Inspire Your Team

As part of Practice Greenhealth’s collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, we are making this eye-catching and innovative set of posters available to our members for download and print


  • The Business Case for Greening the Health Care Sector
  • The Business Case for Joining Practice Greenhealth
  • Addressing Climate Change in the Health Care Setting
  • 2011 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • 2010 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • 2009 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report 

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