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Cohort Groups

Co-hort: (kōˌhôrt) A group of people who share a characteristic

Summer 2017 kicks off small Cohorts, for eligible members,  to help members connect over a shared area of interest through discussion of a specific topic per call.  The periodic calls are facilitated by a Practice Greenhealth Member Engagement Liaison with a question to frame each call’s discussion or to tackle a specific area of focus. The informal structure allows for a fun way to share challenges, obstacles and strategies for success. Practice Greenhealth convenes the calls, facilitates the discussion and will post key take aways after the call on the website.   The goal is to help member organization’s move further along its unique trajectory, learn from each other and have fun within an hour.  

Hospital Partner members and Health System Partner contacts are invited to a minimum of one cohort. Highights are posted here. Questions?   Membership Benefits  are found here

Member Engagement Lead

Cohort Group

Janet Howard

Engaging Leadership, Large Systems

Iqbal Mian

Great Lakes Region – Focus on Energy and Water

Julie Moyle

Getting Started in Greening the OR, Transportation

Hermine Levey Weston

Children’s Hospitals, Top Performers, Long Term Care, Academic Medical Centers

Lauren Kleinman

Community Benefit Connection, Just Getting Started

Kaeleigh Sheehan

Greening the OR Top Performers,  Outpatient Care, Federal Facilities

Beth Eckl

Supply Chain and Purchasing

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