Getting started hospital sustainability assessment: Goal-setting tool

Engaged leadership toolkit


(Engaged leadership toolkit) Before setting environmental stewardship goals, it’s important to get a feel for where the organization falls on the sustainability spectrum and which programmatic areas deserve attention first.  

Practice Greenhealth has made this task a bit less daunting through a “getting started” assessment standard of work, checklist, and goal-setting tool.  

The checklist is designed to help guide goal setting and associated targets and data points to track progress over time. It can also be used to educate your leadership to gain full support and resources for environmental programs by providing valuable information on the full landscape of healthcare sustainable operations.

The checklist is divided into Practice Greenhealth’s ten subject areas - it may be helpful to identify a lead for assessing activity in each section.  Once the checklist is complete, use that landscape assessment to populate the goal-setting tool and begin the prioritization process.

This document is the goal-setting tool.                                 

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