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STOPPER Corner Protector

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The STOPPER brand Foot and Corner Shield (Corner Protector)  prevents holes, rips and tears in sterilization wraps from heavy and sharp corner surgical trays. The STOPPER is a multi use reposable product that will not retain moisture or bottom out when placed on the bottom corners of a surgical tray.  The products are lint and residue free.  The STOPPER will reduce the amount and use of "Blue Wraps".  They will also reduce the amount of "Rapid Processing" of surgical trays or instruments that have been compromised with a hole, rip or tear.

The STOPPER brand Foot and Corner Shield is LATEX free and does not contain any PVC. The product is totally recyclable. The material does not, nor does any of its components contain any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury or hexavalent chromium intentionally added or as incidental impurities, exceeding concentrations or quantities which either individually or cumulatively exceed the maximum level permitted under Federal or State Law (CONEG). The material is not listed as toxic under California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. The material does not contain nor was it directly manufactured with any Class I or Class II Ozone depleting substances. (Pursant to Section 611 of Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990)

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