Partner onboarding assessment (alchemer test)

Partner onboarding assessment

Partner onboarding assessment

Baseline Assessment

What is this?
This baseline survey, simply put, measures key conditions (indicators) and understanding of sustainability tenets before our relationship begins and is the instrument we will use to prioritize our service and guidance. Think of it as a new patient intake form you complete at your doctor's office.

The road to a good sustainability program is paved with a sound baseline survey, which is an integral part of effective data collection, analysis, and strategic planning. While it might seem obvious that baseline information is necessary to understand the cause and/or effect of any program or policy implementation, baseline surveys are often skipped, hindering the effectiveness of program execution.

Why are these measurements important? 
The steps that go into creating an effective baseline survey require some legwork. The information you provide helps Practice Greenhealth guide and position our work to maximize your success.

Who should complete the assessment?
Some partners have a designated sustainability lead or champion. Other partners may have a committee or team. Regardless of how your institution is staffing this role, please contribute and/or collect the information from other stakeholders as needed. 

1. Who completed this assessment?
Does the facility/system have any of the following?
3. How does the hospital or health system engage employees on key sustainability issues? (Check all that apply)
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