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Case Studies

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One of the benefits of Practice Greenhealth membership is access to other members. These case studies share details on winning environmental improvement strategies that can be replicated at your facility. Download the case study, share with your team and let us know of your improvements!

Have a success story to share? Download our Case Study Template, send us your draft and we will share with the broader community. Thank you!


Health Partners | Paper Reduction

Functioning as a hospital system and insurance plan, HealthPartners is a complex organization where office paper is used in myriad workflow processes that have to consider government regulations on protected health information documentation. HealthPartners took advantage of health information technology and mechanical strategies to reduce paper use by 17 percent across the organization between 2011 and 2012. The Paper Reduction Team implemented system-wide standard duplex printing, paperless meetings, elimination of automatically printed reports and conducted workflow evaluations. The largest source of paper reduction has been at the Data Center print shop that mails letters and other plan documents to health plan customers. By allowing health plan customers to opt-in for electronic delivery of  insurance documents during online registration, the new health plan quickly reduced paper use at the data center by 38 percent. Read More


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center | Sustainable Food Procurement and Provision

Food that is locally produced and processed provides many benefits to personal health, community economies, and the environment. Foods that travel fewer miles from farm to plate consume fewer fossil fuels. DHMC’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) has been working to change its food offerings to more nutritious and locally sourced and sustainable meals since 2009. The program started by removing the deep fat fryers and has grown to establishing a twice-weekly farmers market. The FNS department has expanded its network of New England vendors to provide greens, baked goods, eggs, meat, and dairy to DHMC customers. Director of Food and Nutrition Services Deborah P. Keane, RD, LD uses her responsibility to make final purchasing decisions to transition the hospital towards local foods. According to Keane, as hospitals and consumers continue to voice their demand for local foods, suppliers are working to develop local food infrastructures around the country. Read More


Providence St. Peter Hospital | Water Reduction

As water scarcity and costs continue to grow across the country, every hospital has opportunities to locate projects that reduce water consumption and costs. Through a series of projects in the last 14 years, Providence St. Peter has decreased water consumption by 58 percent and saved $2,510,479 on water. Sustainability leaders Geoffrey Glass and Keith Edgerton created a standard of high efficiency and performance that encourages employees to continuously seek out reduction ideas. By cycling savings back into the facilities department to promote green projects, Providence St. Peter has gained significant momentum in greening operations. Read More

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