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The Virtual Green OR

The Virtual Green OR

The Virtual Green OR is another resource for Practice Greenhealth members to take an interactive dive into a sustainable operating room.  

Landing in the Practice Greenhealth Virtual Lobby, visitors will see various exhibit booths detailing different Practice Greenhealth programs and member benefits.  Take a stroll around the lobby to see the different booths, fountains, windmills, and outdoor healing gardens. 

To the left of the reception desk, visitors can click the door to enter the Virtual Green OR.  Once in the OR, visitors' individual avatars have the ability to walk through the room, clicking on different items to read a quick snapshot of why that item is environmentally preferable, as well as see a list of other resources and articles substantiating that claim.  After touring the Virtual Green OR, there's an opportunity to see how sponsors of the Initiative are addressing sustainability and enhancing the market by visiting their exhibit booths.  If you see other avatars in the world, go to the chat box at the bottom of the page and say hello!

See the video demonstrating the capabilities of the Virtual Green OR.

You must first login to your Practice Greenhealth member account to access the Virtual Green OR and download the VirtualU software onto your desktop. 


Please contact Kaeleigh Sheehan at  with any questions or comments.

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