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Questions about Strategic Associate Membership?
Contact Peggy Rademaker at 866.763.8790.

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Organizations that share a vision of a healthcare community that recognizes the link between our material choices and operations and our health are invited to join Practice Greenhealth as a Strategic Associate Member (SAM). Organizations eligible to join as a Strategic Associate Member are certain non-profits, related NGO’s, state, governmental and regional networks, certain associations, and certain other groups. The organization listed below is working to foster environmental sustainability in healthcare a reality. As a member, we pledge to support the following:

  • Virtual elimination of mercury
  • Reduction of the quantity and toxicity of healthcare waste - from manufacturing, purchase and use of products and materials, to improved end-of-life management
  • Minimization of use and exposure to hazardous chemicals, including persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) substances
  • Reducing health care’s environmental footprint through resource conservation and other measurable environmental improvement
  • Integrating sustainable design and building techniques with environmentally sound operational practices to create true healing environment

It is expressly understood that the organization applying for membership as a Strategic Associcate Member is neither a business selling products or services nor a healthcare facility or system (these organizations can join Practice Greenhealth in different membership categories, please see . Further, if accepted for membership as a SAM, the organization expressly agrees to restrict its use of member tools and resources, including but not limited to webinars, member login and access to member-only materials, to employees of the undersigned organization.

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