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Who is involved?

The Council for Environmentally Responsible Surgery (CERS) is a council created to foster peer leadership, communicating the goals of the Greening the OR Initiative to the physician and surgeon communities while bringing the central knowledge and expertise of the field to our attention.

Founding members Dr.’s Noe Copley-Woods, Rafael Andrade, and Martin Makary understand that this work needs the support and leadership of physicians and hope that their colleagues will join them in their efforts

They are joined by other surgeons, anesthesiologists, and physicians who perform surgery who share the goals of establishing and communicating best practices from data driven research that reduce environmental impact and increase patient health. 

We have dedicated members from many disciplines, including general surgery, gynecology, orthopaedic, maxillofacial, neurosurgery, pediatric, cardiothoracic, ophthalmology, gastro-intestinal, anesthesiology.  It is our hope that as the Greening the OR Initiative grows, our CERS member base will also grow to mirror a field with a broad range in specialties.

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