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Resources for Physicians

Guidance Documents

Practice Greenhealth has recently published a series of Guidance Documents that highlight the current best practices within the OR suite.  These documents address the benefits, barriers, strategies for implementation, and ideas where opportunities might exist within your own organization.  


Practice Greenhealth has developed a Greening the OR Webinar Series that is aimed at addressing the specific needs of sustainable efforts within the OR suite. 

These Webinars are 90-minute presentations on a given topic, facilitated by Practice Greenhealth staff, with time allowed for questions.  All you need is a computer or phone to participate!

The Greening the OR Webinar Series is free to Practice Greenhealth members and endorsing hospitals of the initiative, but anyone can register for a fee.

Check out the schedule to register for upcoming webinars
Or view the Archived Webinars to watch previous presentations at your leisure.

Sharing Calls

Request a call on any given topic, and Practice Greenhealth will pull together a group that can participate on the call, sharing research, experiences and knowledge on that topic. 

Physician Forum

We understand that time is precious and hard to come by for surgeons, however communicating  research and work, as well as continuing educational opportunities is a fundamental part of Greening the OR and the work of the Council for Environmentally Responsible Surgery.  The physician forum gives you the opportunity to communicate with your peers within your own schedule.

Additional Resources

Our library of resources continues to grow as the research and literature becomes available.  See our Additional Resources for some suggested articles to support your sustainability efforts.


If you would like to participate or for more information, please contact Kaeleigh Sheehan, Greening the OR Coordinator at 888-450-7707.

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