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How to Participate/What am I committing to?

We at Practice Greenhealth are working to create opportunities for physicians to lend their expertise to greening the healthcare sector.  That being said, we understand that physicians are very busy people with limited free time.  You may participate in whatever capacity is most appropriate, and are under no obligation to offer any specific amount of time in any of these undertakings.

Practice Greenhealth will be working to generate opportunities for members of the Council to write, speak, respond to media inquiries, and the like on an ongoing basis.   In order for us to better understand your interests and abilities, we have developed a short checklist which we would ask you to fill out and return so that we can place you in the appropriate segment of our work.  Again, you may check as many or as few areas as you wish.  We will alert you as opportunities arise, which you may accept or decline depending on your abilities at that time. 

We would also ask that you create a very brief bio that we can use for a number of purposes in our work.

Interested in participating? Fill out the Bio and Interest Form Here!

Questions?  Please contact Kaeleigh Sheehan, Greening the OR Coordinator at 888-450-7707.

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