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Visionary Leader Award

Practice Greenhealth created the Visionary Leader Award in 2015 to recognize senior-level health care executives who are impacting the world with significant contributions to health care sustainability through groundbreaking and innovative strategies, and mentorship. This award is intended to recognize senior-level health care leaders who have advocated for and woven sustainability and environmental stewardship into health care operational excellence. To nominate an outstanding health care executive, please complete the nomination form below.




Please tell us why the nominee you indicated above deserves the Practice Greenhealth Visionary Leader Award. Please describe how this senior health care leader has been a builder, mobilizer, changemaker or unifier of people to make a substantive impact on health care sustainability. Please include measures of success and/or achievements, as well as examples of how this executive has used his or her voice to create an impact beyond the four walls of the institution—through mentorship, editorials, speaking engagements or other mechanisms. Include any other insights that would help describe the nominee's impact on driving environmental stewardship at the most senior levels of his/her organization or other health care organizations.

Nominations are limited to 750 words.


Nominators may include supplemental information including biographical information, past affiliations, leadership record, news stories, or other information you will be useful to the decision committee.

Use File Upload at attach any supporting information.

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