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Additional Notes on Drum Top Crushers

After speaking with representatives of US EPA, two state regulator agencies, Sodexho, a waste hauler, and the Mercury Policy Project, and review of available literature, Practice Greenhealth has decided to keep its stance that you can not win the MMMF Award if you are using a lamp crusher, often called a DTC or drum-top crusher. We would, however, consider some type of open forum on this topic in the future.

Before we could even consider the many technical and logistical issues to be taken into consideration, we needed to determine which states allow the use of lamp crushers. While we could identify Best Management Practices for using crushers, we could not find a definitive list of the states that allow crushers, or states that do consider lamp crushing as “treatment” of hazardous waste (requiring a permit), or states that preclude crushing altogether. Some state regulations governing lamp crushers are fairly complex, and we just don’t have resources to sort the regulations all properly state-by-state, and then maintain an up-to-date list of the ever changing state regulations.

Using a lamp crusher, however, does not preclude you from applying for, or winning, the Partner for Change Award.

For additional resources on this topic, please see the articles referenced here:

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