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Award Types

The Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards provide recognition for members across the achievement spectrum. Learn more about how to select the right application for your organization. Award applications are organized by the type of organization applying.

Health Care Facility Award Applications

Health care facility members are eligible to apply for an award using several different applications. Outpatient care facilities and long-term care facilities also have Greenhealth Partner for Change award applications tailored to their care settings. Click on each award below to see a full description of each application, minimum requirements, and who is eligible to apply.

Higher Level Awards for Hospitals

By filling out the Greenhealth Partner for Change application, hospitals (with overnight beds and operating rooms) automatically become eligible for a range of higher-level award applications. If a hospital fills out the Greenhealth Partner for Change application, it will be considered for all of the following award designations:

Health Systems

Health systems are eligible to apply for the System for Change award if they meet certain minimum participation requirements from their affiliated member hospitals.

System for Change

Visionary Leader Award

Nominate a senior-level health care executive who is impacting the world with significant contributions to health care sustainability through groundbreaking and innovative strategies, and mentorship.

Visionary Leader Award



For general award application inquiries and technical assistance requests: or 888-378-2259.

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