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2018 Award Winner Publicity Guide


Publicize Your Award

Congratulations on winning a Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Award! We congratulate your organization for its exemplary leadership in making environmental stewardship a core business strategy and the heart of your healing mission. Now it’s time to share the great news.

This guide provides tips and tools to spread the word about your win with your staff, patients, community and industry. Using the tips included below and the materials in our Awards Publicity Toolkit, you can share the news of your award in the press, on social media, online and through your internal channels.

Earn Media Coverage

To gain media coverage, inform reporters in your region as well as the health care industry about your award win—and the work you’ve done to achieve this important recognition. The toolkit includes customizable press releases for each type of award and a reporter email for personalized outreach to high-priority media contacts.

Consider these strategies when reaching out to the press:

  • Develop a targeted media list that includes the names and contact information for reporters and outlets in your area that cover health care. Send the press release to these contacts.
  • Send a personalized email along with the press release to the reporters are most important to your organization. Follow up with a phone call to share the award details in a more personal manner.
  • Expand your reach by sharing links to the articles you’ve placed on social media channels. This will allow you to reach even more people.

Share with Staff and Local Community

Staff as well as community members will be thrilled about the national recognition you’ve earned and eager to learn more about your organization’s success accelerating sustainability. Our customizable newsletter/blog post makes it easy to share your exciting news. 

Reach the people most important to you with the following tips:

  • Customize the newsletter/blog post to include details about your award and how you earned this powerful recognition
  • Post a link to the blog post on your social media channels. This will draw attention to the award and drive more visitors to your website.
  • To highlight your award throughout the year, encourage staff to include the award badge and a link to the award announcement blog post in their email signatures.

Go Public on Social Media

With more than 200 million Americans using social media, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become indispensable for organizations to share news and information with the audiences that matter to them. We have provided a selection of Award logos, social media posts and recommended hashtags so you can share the news of your award on your social channels and participate in the conversations of the day.

These strategies will help expand the reach of your social media content:

  • Use hasgtags to associate your content with ongoing conversations about health care, sustainability and CleanMed. This will make your content easier to find for people following in these topics.
  • To reach more people with news of your award, consider paying to boost your posts. With an investment of $25, you can reach up to a few thousand more people.
  • If you attend CleanMed, share the photos of your team accepting the award on your social media channels.

Attend CleanMed

CleanMed, THE premier national environmental conference for leaders in health care sustainability, provides the ideal platform for the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards Ceremony and Dinner Gala. We encourage you to stay for the full conference to actively engage with and inspire your peers. And of course, we hope you will attend the awards ceremony to receive your recognition in person. Visit for more information and to register for the conference.

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