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Kimberly Clark Corporation joins Practice Greenhealth initiatives

Consumer products company supports Greening the Operating Room and Greening the Supply Chain

March 20, 2012(Reston, Virginia)—Practice Greenhealth announced today that Kimberly Clark Corporation has signed on as a supporter of two of the non-profit’s major initiatives, Greening the Operating Room and Greening the Supply Chain.

Hospitals are energy and resource intensive, and operating rooms are the largest users of that energy. They are also a major consumer of resources, using as much as 56 percent of a hospital’s total budget. In addition, operating rooms produce a disproportional amount of waste—between 20 and 30 percent of a hospital’s total waste volume. To help hospitals run more efficient, environmentally-friendly operating rooms, Practice Greenhealth introduced the Greening the Operating Room™ Initiative, which helps hospitals reduce environmental impact, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve worker and patient safety.

Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the Supply Chain™ Initiative, which was launched in 2001, provides a common set of tools for purchasers, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that environmentally preferable products (EPP) are widely available to healthcare organizations and suppliers across the country. The initiative strives to have products available that are cost competitive, of comparable quality and generate a sector-wide market shift in the direction of sound EPP practices.

“We are glad to welcome Kimberly Clark to the growing numbers of sponsors of both these important initiatives,” said Laura Wenger, Executive Director of Practice Greenhealth. “Change will not be effected in the healthcare industry without a broad coalition of manufacturers, suppliers and health care providers who are working together to create a greener future for our nation’s hospitals.”

Kimberly Clark joins a large number of participating hospitals, healthcare companies, for-profit companies and group purchasing organizations that are working to implement large scale green efforts to reduce waste, trim water and energy use, and create markets for EPP products. 


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