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Inside the toxin-free hospital of the future

By Gary Cohen, President & Co-Founder, Health Care Without Harm

Last week, hundreds of changemakers from hospitals, health systems and medical products or supplier companies gathered in Dallas to learn and compare notes at the 13th CleanMed Conference.

CleanMed is the nation’s largest conference focusing on health care sustainability. Every year, we connect the health care leaders working to accelerate our sector’s commitment to environmental sustainability and to spur a movement in regenerative health. These are people who have moved beyond protecting the environment and human health, to improving them.

When united, the health care industry can do a lot because we are big and powerful. Health care represents a whopping 20 percent of the nation’s market. Every year, health care companies buy $300 billion worth of goods and services.

When a hospital or health system makes a purchase, the organization likely has gone through an evaluation to assess pretty standard metrics for each product including: cost; safety for patients and staff; and performance.

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