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Carilion joins national initiative to reduce carbon footprint

By Christina Craig - Reporter

ROANOKE (WSLS10) – A nationwide movement among health care centers to reduce the carbon footprint is coming to Roanoke. Carilion is the first hospital in the Roanoke Valley to take part in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. The idea is to improve the health of the environment.

A hospital spokesperson told us major changes are needed to make it possible. Those changes include outsourcing with more local food vendors to reduce pollution from transportation as well as tracking energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

“I think we can always improve,” said RN and Sustainability Officer Sara Wohlford. “I think sustainability is something that you’re never done. It’s a change in course for our organization. So, at no point do you say ‘we achieved that 15 percent recycling rate, we’re done now’. There’s always more opportunity to improve.”

Once the Roanoke campus adopts all plans of action, other Carilion community hospitals will also look into making the positive changes.



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