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Medical Products Company Announces New Absorbent Floor Pads

LDI Corporation expands its product offering to include EnviroSorb® Super Absorbent Surgical Floor Pads

Portsmouth, NH: 11/10/12 -   LDI Corporation announces the launch of the EnviroSorb® Super Absorbent Surgical Floor Pad.

The new EnviroSorb® Super Absorbent pad absorbs twice as much fluid and contains spills in an innovative composite structure. This results in less clean-up and easier handling and disposal. EnviroSorb® also helps keep floors clean, dry and slip-free during fluid-intense surgical procedures. The efficient liquid retention design saves time and costs, while maintaining a safe, PVC-free environment.

 "Our Tissue Recovery staff will save time due to the impressive fluid capacity of these new pads," states Ryan Nelson from Donor Network of Arizona.  "By both absorbing and solidifying twice as much fluid as traditional floor pads we no longer need to worry about tracking fluid around the surgical suite during and after procedures."

The high-tech polymer construction and innovative product design offers a superior alternative to other floor pads. EnviroSorb® is PVC-free, latex-free, durable and cost-effective.  "Current floor pads simply don't absorb enough fluid and quickly become over saturated", states Josh Dame, President of LDI Corporation.  "After two years of development work we have solved that problem by capturing and solidifying fluid in the core of the Envirosorb® Super Absorbent Surgical Floor Pad."

“Developing Eco-Friendly medical supplies to protect you and the environment” is the mission of LDI Corporation’s Medical Products Division. LDI is a New Hampshire based company specializing in the design of plastic and textile products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer for the environment and human health.

For more information on LDI Corporation, please contact: Kathy Martin at 866-332-0700 and Also visit their web site at  HYPERLINK ""


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