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How sustainability programs cure health-care woes

By Janet Howard
January 16, 2014

Hospitals are full of creative, passionate people doing all kinds of work from all kinds of backgrounds. But their passion can get squashed in the health-care environment due to endless regulations, reporting, protocol, tasks, steps and limited time and dollars. And with the constant changes underfoot, it's inevitable that there will be a misstep or two (or slip or fall).

According to Eric Parmenter, vice president of employer solutions at Evolent Health, "With health-care reform, employees of hospitals and health systems are experiencing a tsunami of change in their industry, and by extension their career. These changes, which require all health-care providers to do more with less and achieve higher quality, are adding stress to an already stressed-out and unhealthy population of workers. Patient satisfaction and quality clinical outcomes are directly correlated to employee engagement. One of the key drivers of employee engagement is the perception by employees that senior leadership (the C-Suite) cares about their well-being."

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