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HMC cuts waste by 15 percent

By Kaley Lyon
The Hays Daily News Online

For the past year, Hays Medical Center has been making efforts to go green.

While patient care is priority No. 1, the hospital has been working to identify ways to be a good steward of community resources, said Rich Webb, director of materials and plant services.

"We all have to live in this community, and if there's ways we can make it better ... we want to incorporate those into our culture, which is the right thing to do," he said.

The hospital has a long list of recyclables, including aluminum cans, cardboard, batteries, X-ray film and fluorescent lights.

The materials that are recycled instead of being added to the landfill total about 15 percent of HMC's waste, Webb said.

But the staff isn't ready to stop there. In the near future, the hospital hopes it can work with the city of Hays to begin recycling paper waste.

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