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Gundersen receives accolades for achieving energy independence

In October 2014, Gundersen Health System achieved its first days of energy independence by creating more energy than it consumed, making it the first known health system to accomplish this feat. Since then Gundersen has been recognized by local, state and national media and by agencies throughout the country for this unprecedented accomplishment.

Gundersen has also been recognized by many environmental organizations including:

Practice Greenhealth Practice Greenhealth's Visionary Leader Award
VHA Excellence Award for Sustainability Amerinet Healthcare Achievement Award for Community Impact and Innovation
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce "Friends of the Environment Award" RENEW Wisconsin Energy-Independence Enterprise of the Year Award

"It is an honor to receive recognition and awards for environmental leadership. We believe that our energy program is the right thing to do to help keep healthcare affordable, reduce harmful emissions, and improve the economy of the communities we serve. Hopefully our example can inspire other organizations and individuals to take steps toward a cleaner, more self-sufficient future," said Jeff Rich, executive director of Gundersen's energy program, Envision®


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