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  • Head and Heart: A Data Prescription for Healthcare Sustainability Leadership

    January 26th, 2015 - 12:13 pm
    In the News

    Submitted by: Andrea Learned

    “Our job is to “first do no harm,’ so addressing climate change as part of keeping people healthy and safe could be interpreted as being in the Hippocratic Oath” That was one of the first points ...

  • The future of hospital food

    January 22nd, 2015 - 4:29 pm
    In the News

    January 08, 2015  |  by Sean Ruck , Editor-In-Chief

    Janet Howard is the director of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative at Practice Greenhealth, a non-profit with the mission to improve the health of health care, both by creating a healthier environment...

  • Three Emerging Trends Toward Healthier Healthcare Interiors

    January 22nd, 2015 - 4:07 pm
    In the News

    By Jeffrey Brown

    Healthcare professionals are charged with creating environments that foster patient healing and healthy workplaces for staff. For more than 15 years, partner organizations Practice Greenhealth and Healthcare Without Harm have worked with thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations and suppliers to take steps to create healthier facilities from the inside out. The most innovative organizations are using...

  • Eco-Leadership: Johnson & Johnson targets supply chain for health care sustainability

    January 22nd, 2015 - 3:56 pm
    In the News

    Anna Clark

    Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 2:00am

    Al Iannuzzi took a gamble when he decided to double down on the environmental and health impacts of his company's products.

    But Ianuzzi, senior director of environment, health, safety & sustainability for Johnson & Johnson, believed in the need to embed sustainability into the company's...

  • San Diego Hospitals Working To Make Their Food Tasty

    January 21st, 2015 - 12:46 pm
    In the News

    By Kenny Goldberg

    When you think of hospitals, tasty food doesn’t usually come to mind — whether it's dining choices in the cafeteria or for patients — but hospitals throughout San Diego County are trying to change that reputation.

    Take San Diego's ...

  • Yakima Memorial promoting healthy habits by joining national initiative

    January 21st, 2015 - 12:42 pm
    In the News

    By Molly Rosbach / Yakima Herald-Republic

    Things will soon look a little different around Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

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  • First Marine Stewardship Council Certification in Health Care

    January 21st, 2015 - 12:36 pm
    In the News

    How we created our program (and you can too!)

    By Brenna Davis, M.S. [@brennadavis7], Director of Sustainability, Virginia Mason

    Hospital food doesn’t have the best reputation for freshness, taste and sustainability. Virginia Mason is changing all of that. We announced recently that we are the ...

  • Premature infants are exposed to unsafe levels of chemical in medical products used to save their lives

    December 8th, 2014 - 5:09 pm
    In the News

    -- Researchers wonder whether exposures from plastic devices may be contributing to illness

    Hospitalized premature infants are exposed to unsafe levels of a chemical found in numerous medical products used to treat them, raising questions about whether critically ill newborns may be adversely affected by equipment designed to help save their lives. The chemical, di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), is used to increase...

  • Clearing the air: Healthier interiors in healthcare

    November 24th, 2014 - 2:06 pm
    In the News

    By Jeffrey Brown / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today 

    Every day, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals, in our food, water, the air we breathe, the clothing we wear, the furniture we use and the carpet we walk on. Mounting data suggests that some of the chemicals we come in contact with — in our homes, workplaces, schools and stores — contain toxicants that can have adverse affects on human health and the...

  • Imagining a Broader Healing Mission for Health Care

    October 15th, 2014 - 3:22 pm
    In the News

    In response to the growing need to address environmental issues related to health, EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing is now publishing a new column on health and the environment written by ...

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