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What’s Good for the Environment is Good for Health Care

As hospitals are recognized for sustainable innovation throughout the year, we all benefit from reduced environmental footprints, less polluting environments, and the demand for less toxic products.  It’s motivating to take a good look at how your hospital has become healthier, your employees have become more engaged, and your patient outcomes have improved this year. 

As the summer ends and we begin to move toward the fall season, I encourage you to keep the Environmental Excellence Awards in mind.  Being an Award winner signifies tremendous work by your staff.  It also applauds management going “beyond business as usual” for the benefit of patients, staff and community. 

Entering the Awards program does more than bolster your staff and community.  The data received forms the foundation for our annual Sustainability Benchmark Report, widely recognized as THE authority on what is happening in health care around sustainability and is evolving into the “standard” for top-performing hospitals.

In just a few months, the call for Awards applications will be issued.  I hope you will think about taking up the challenge of becoming models as the healthiest workplaces in the community.


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