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Unauthorized Mercury Communication

You may have received a recent communication via U.S. mail with the headline “Notice” (June 6) that discusses products containing mercury amalgam…” This communication also includes an undated and altered communication originally written by HCWH staff member Joshua Karliner and is printed under the Practice Greenhealth logo.

While Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Without Harm do support the reduction of mercury in health care settings, this communication was not sent or authorized by Practice Greenhealth or Health Care Without Harm and uses our content and logo without our permission.

Again, the “Notice” is not accurate, presents our content out of context, is not signed, and uses our logo without our permission. Practice Greenhealth’s policy states that content owned by Practice Greenhealth cannot be reproduced without express permission from the organization. We are looking into this matter, and apologize for any confusion caused by this misrepresentation.


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