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The Time is Right for Employee Home Solar

It’s my dream to have solar panels on my home, a Tesla power wall, and a Tesla Model 3 to run on the sun. I even have a “Sustainable Living” fund on my wedding registry to put money towards making that dream come true.

So it’s probably no surprise that I am excited to unveil a new Practice Greenhealth exclusive toolkit that helps make this a reality for health care workers across the nation. This Green Employee Benefit - Employee Home Solar Discounts - allows health systems to work with companies to offer solar panels at discounted rates for their employees!

Why should you care about this?

“The total energy used by Cleveland Clinic employees for their personal energy needs is as great as that used by the entire Cleveland Clinic Health System.” Jon Utech, Senior Director, Office for a Healthy Environment, Cleveland Clinic

Just think about that for a moment. We’ve been so focused on the hospital footprint (as we should be), that we missed the opportunity that a health system has to impact its community through its employees.

And the timing is great, as we’ve witnessed an incredible price decrease in solar over the past 10 years. Some figures boast as much as a 70 percent decrease since 2009, and others report to expect another price drop of 40 percent drop by 2019.

We’re rolling out the guidance documents during a webinar on June 21 at 1:00 p.m. ET, auspiciously on International Solar Day (I wish I could say I planned it, but it was just a stroke of luck). The webinar will feature University Hospitals and Gundersen Health to tell their stories, lessons learned, and successes.

"When we were presented the opportunity to offer our employees a simple and competitive option for installing solar power in their homes, we were excited to learn more,” commented Mark Platt, SVP Business Services at Gundersen Health. “The Health Care Without Harm partnership with Geostellar took the mystery out of the solar installation process, and gives our employees the peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best service and pricing available."

“The relationship between climate change and human health is becoming more apparent,” said Dr. Aparna Bole, Medical Director of Community Integration at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and Sustainability Advisor for University Hospitals. “Every day our clinicians witness the increasing patient health impact of a changing climate, for example from worsening air quality and extreme weather events. By partnering with Geostellar and Sustainable Cleveland, University Hospitals is working to make solar energy affordable and accessible to our employees. It’s another important way we can help our patients, our employees and our community.”

If this resonates with you, sign up for the webinar and stay tuned for more - it may even include something at CleanMed 2017 in Minneapolis!


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Submitted by on June 8, 2016 - 9:35 am

I share that sun-powered vision, Lauren! Thanks for your help in bringing us one step closer to realizing that goal. Along with employee solar, hospitals can also install EV Charging stations and offer additional benefits around innovative transportation solutions. Julie

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