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Sustainability: Trend or Long-standing Movement?

While I was driving on the busy highway yesterday, on my daily route from work to home, it occurred to me how many “smart” cars are on the road compared to just five years ago.  The use of hybrid and electric vehicles has catapulted in recent times, and, especially here in our nation’s Capitol, I think people are really starting to get the green movement.

Personal adoption of sustainability practices is one thing, but what about the corporate world?  Sustainability is fast becoming a buzzword throughout many industries, but is it just a short-lived trend? 

In order to remain competitive, organizations must address sustainability today.  Sustainability in health care is exceptionally challenging, as the operations, facilities, and day-to-day activities are colossal compared to other industries. To be successful, a deep commitment from leadership is critical.  There must be a C-Level executive who champions the sustainability movement and ensures the sustainability activities are embraced in all aspects of the organization.


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