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Products Used to Safeguard Health Should be Healthy

The condom: a small device that has huge health benefits. By preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies, condoms are a small miracle if you think about it. That’s why we were concerned when we heard about the Reproductive Health Technologies Project study that came out this September. The study revealed that out of 23 male latex condoms tested, 16 contained a class of carcinogenic chemicals called nitrosamines. How can something so inherently healthy like a condom be allowed to contain nitrosamines? The truth is that despite a 2010 recommendation by the WHO and the UN Population Fund encouraging the elimination of nitrosamines in male latex condoms, the FDA has not put forth any regulations.

At Practice Greenhealth, we believe that products used to safeguard health should be healthy themselves – that they should be free of harmful chemicals. The good news is that there are condoms that are free of nitrosamines. Unfortunately, most are not. We’d like to see all of the condoms on the market today being free of carcinogens – not too much to ask.

Please, join us in petitioning the FDA to remove nitrosamines from all condoms on the market.


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