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The Greening the OR Symposium

September 11, 2014 | Chicago Botanic Garden | Glencoe, IL

When I attended the Greening the OR workshop in Tampa last year, what struck me was the large range of stakeholders in the room—bringing various perspectives to the table, and all interested in environmental opportunities in the OR. Not only were they interested in saving money, they were concerned for their communities, patients, and aligning with the missions of their organizations.

Have you registered to attend the Greening the OR Symposium at the Chicago Botanic Garden in September yet? If not, you should consider it so you can be part of this. The Greening the OR Symposium is a one-day educational workshop designed to cover a range of topics to target sustainability in the surgical department – a ‘small’ space with a very large potential impact.

Join other leaders to learn about waste minimization efforts at NorthShore University HealthSystem; hear about navigating the vendor relationships to maximize EPP for surgical products at Spectrum Health. Strategies from Johns Hopkins to engage clinicians, minimize the impact of anesthesia care and other environmental programs will be shared. Advocate Health and Grumman/Butkus Associates will highlight energy efficiency opportunities in the OR, and Phigenics LLC will identify areas to minimize water consumption within the surgical and sterile processing departments.

Whether just getting started or a long-time participant of Greening the OR, this workshop is designed to bring together key stakeholders and drive innovation within the sector. Join us to strategize, discuss and share successes and challenges, as well as wind-down with a reception in one of the beautiful gardens following the workshop.

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