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Author: Jeffrey Brown, Executive Director, Practice Greenhealth

Community: A body of persons or organizations having shared interests within society

It’s my sincere and great pleasure to join the talented and dedicated community that is Practice Greenhealth.

The Practice Greenhealth community of corporate, nonprofit, and policy professionals and organizations, has been, and will continue to be, where those of us who are committed to making the health care sector greener and healthier come together. We come together to share our knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and our real-life successes, challenges, and best practices. We come together to do good work to improve the health of our patients, our facilities, our communities, and our planet. We also come together to do good work as measured by the goals we have as individual entities – scientific research, product and service innovation and leadership, effective policy and legislation, organizational efficiency, the personal growth and development of our associates, and the financial success and sustainability that fuels the innovation, growth, and ongoing success that are crucial to each of us.

Prior to joining Practice Greenhealth, I worked to drive environmental improvement in the ocean shipping and supply chain industries. Similar to Practice Greenhealth, this work involved bringing for-profit, nonprofit, and regulatory organizations together to address environmental degradation. Working with Business for Social Responsibility, we founded their Clean Cargo Working Group, “a global business-to-business initiative made up of leading cargo carriers and their customers, dedicated to environmental performance improvement in marine container transport through measurement, evaluation, and reporting.” Also similar to Practice Greenhealth, we were doing this work at a time when the shipping industry was under severe financial pressures. It was imperative that we reduce our environmental impact and improve our members’ financial performance.

My motivations for engaging in environmental work stem from my love of the wilderness and my respect for the ecology that connects all of us in the natural world. I did this in the shipping and logistics arena because I was running one of the largest perishable shipping and supply chain companies in the world. Today, I’m excited to do this in health care because of the size and scope of the sector, the change coursing through it, and the unique role our community can have in bringing health to each of us, to the communities we work and live in, and to the natural environment that I cherish.

I fully recognize that Practice Greenhealth’s environmental, health care, and community impacts are achieved by and through you, our members. We’re committed to supporting you with the knowledge, data, practices, tools, and services that foster your progress in environmental sustainability and health. We’re committed to doing this in ways that foster financial sustainability. Please let us know how we might be able to support you more effectively or thoroughly.

I’m thrilled to be the newest member of our Practice Greenhealth Community and can think of no more exciting, desirable, and important place to be.

I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and working with you.


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