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CleanMed: The Lean, Mean, Green Health Care Conference!

By now I am sure you’ve heard of our annual conference, CleanMed, which takes place each spring to bring together health care sustainability professionals and suppliers. However, many people don’t realize that CleanMed is one of the most environmentally friendly tradeshows in the country. As director of education and events for Practice Greenhealth, it is my role to make sure all aspects of CleanMed come together in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I often talk about our show from an educational content standpoint, but I am really excited to share with you our latest and greatest aspects of event sustainability;

  • Our event is print-free where possible. You will receive a badge (in a recycled PETE badge-holder) but notice that there are a limited number of onsite guides available or printed materials in classrooms. We ask all speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to use the CleanMed mobile app to provide digital content to attendees so that we reduce the bulk/shipment of marketing collateral.
  • Our signage is not printed on traditional foam-core, but is printed on something called Bio –board and can be recycled. Digital signage is used where possible to decrease printing costs/materials dramatically.
  • Equipment for the build of the event was sent on intermodal rail vs. tractor trailer to decrease carbon footprint. Decreasing fuel consumption, the rail emits three times less the amount of carbon emissions vs. a tractor trailer.
  • All flowers and mulch from the park area were donated back to the community of Oregon.
  • Booth and aisle carpet are always made of 25% to 65% post-consumer recycled content.
  • We provide exhibitors with compostable & biodegradable wastebasket lines and compostable & biodegradable Bio-Top table coverings.
  • Non PVC overlay material is used for window and floor clings in the design process We only use biodegradable cleaners.
  • We choose the facilities that best align with our values. Portland boasted a Platinum LEED Certified facility and next year in Dallas we will be in the beautiful new Gold LEED Certified Omni Hotel.
  • Our food is vetted thoroughly by our internal food team and the standards are rigorously upheld by our catering teams.

As we strive to be the greenest and best conference for our members, we are always open to more suggestions on how to be more sustainable.

Email with suggestions. I hope to see you at the next CleanMed and further share your passion for environmental sustainability!

By Carrie Abernathy, CMP, CEM, CSEP, Director of Education and Events


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