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CleanMed – Leading by Example

With the end of the year approaching, all of us at Practice Greenhealth and the Healthier Hospital Initiative are looking forward to CleanMed 2015. At CleanMed, the health care community comes together to share our knowledge and thoughts, opinions and real-life successes, and our challenges and best practices. We come together to celebrate and acknowledge the great work you do to improve human and environmental health.

Plan to Attend CleanMed 2015

As you plan your budget for 2015, I encourage you to include attendance at CleanMed.  It’s a sound investment in your future, your organization’s future, and the planet’s future.

As members of Practice Greenhealth, you’ve taken the steps to become agents of change by greening your supply chains, reducing waste, conserving energy and water, eliminating toxins, and strengthening your communities through environmental stewardship. When you come to CleanMed, you’ll learn, you’ll teach and share, you’ll be energized, and you’ll go back home with knowledge, tools, and connections that enable you to accelerate your sustainability impact and further strengthen your leadership in the healthcare community.

CleanMed registration will open this month. Register your green teams, your operations and supply chain leaders, your medical and financial leaders, and your executives. Working together, we’ll do some great stuff.

See you in Portland.


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